Text 16 Sep Marriott Rewards Credit Card Review

Do you desire to stay at the Marriot hotel chain when you travel for business or leisure? If so, then you may want to consider Marriott Rewards Credit Card from Chase. It’s a hotel rewards credit card specially designed for them that are enthusiasts of Marriott and would want to earn the hotel loyalty program points for each dollar that they spend. Some people will say that in life, there is nothing that’s free. But with the Marriott Rewards credit card, you will discover that there are plenty of rewards that come about as close to no charges as it can get. Right at the beginning, new card owners earn some rewards points just for utilizing the card for the initial time. This is redeemable for up to four night free stay. 


Some of the benefits of using this card include the fact that there are no annual fees charged on the Marriott Credit Card for the first year. Thereafter you will have to pay an annual fee of $45. That’s a minimal fee when compared to many of the other hotel rewards cards. You also earn 3 points for every $1 spent at any Marriott locations. This comprises of staying at any of the more than 3300 Marriott locations across the world. Therefore, this will benefit you the most especially if you would want to stay at the Marriott hotels. You also earn 1 point for every $1 spent elsewhere. This doesn’t include cash advances or balance transfers. Only net purchases count towards getting these points. This will basically allow you to earn as many points as the dollars you spend.

When you spend $1,000 within the first 3 months, you earn 30,000 bonus points. This is a very attractive offer just for the new card members. 30000 points can be redeemed for four free nights at any category 1 hotel. You will also get an e-certificate for two free nights stay after you open your account. This e-certificate expires after 6 months. For further rewards, you obtain 2 additional free nights stay once the account gets approved and this is valid at any category 1-4 hotels worldwide. If you combine this offer with the one for 30000 bonus points, you get six free nights as a signing bonus. You also can redeem the points for airline mileage, hotel stays at the Marriot or Ritz-Carlton hotels around the world, merchandise from SkyMall online, travel packages, car rentals and cruise certificates. There is no limit as to the amount of points that one can earn. The more one spends, the more points they accumulate.

Text 13 Sep What is a Chase Secured Credit Card?

A chase secured credit is one of the best methods to rebuild or establish your credit history. Obtaining a chase secured credit card will give you the same benefits of an unsecured credit card, only difference is that your line of credit will be the amount you deposit into your account. For example, if you choose to deposit $200.00 into your account, then that will be the amount your line of credit. In the United States, secured credit cards spending limits can be as high or as low as you wish, just as long as there are matching funds in your bank account


Why should I choose to get a Chase Secured Card?

A chase secured credit card will give you the opportunity to rebuild, improve, or establish your credit score. Chase will report information about your card’s history to all three bureaus . Note: In order for you to meet the top credit scores, you will have to use 20 percent or less of the available limit on your secured credit card. With, Chase secured credit card consider yourself a lucky sailor, due to the fact, you will receive some of the best rates and the best customer service. Chase makes their customers feel secure and important by treating their customers satisfaction as a top priority, and Chase provides individuals, with the best options that meets their needs. Regardless of your card’s status, a chase secured card will grant you the ability to rebuild your credit score, and/or establish your credit. Therefore, a chase secured credit card will be one step forward to a good credit score, especially if you are one of many who suffer from damaged credit or are trying to establish a good solid credit score. Note: That having an eligible and secured credit card does not give you automatic assurance, that you will have better interest options.

Should I apply for a secured credit card?

If you are one of many, who suffers from damaged credit, then you should definitely consider obtaining a secured credit card. Obtaining a secured credit card is the most accurate and easiest method to improving your credit score. It also avoids some of the hassles, you may experience with an unsecured credit card. Your deposit is your credit, and when you make a purchase or a payment, you are doing so with your own funds. You can enjoy the comfort of using your card and knowing the benefits you will endure in the end. However, for any chase credit card you are planning to obtain, make sure you are familiar with the requirements and terms. To avoid any misunderstanding in the future, please make sure that you get a good understanding of the fees, interest rates, and other terms that may just not fit your needs, when compared to your budget. Those, who frequently use their cards to make payments, eventually gain eligibility to obtain an unsecured credit card as a result of being in good standing with their secured credit.

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Text 12 Sep Importance of Tribute Credit Card for your beloved one

Credit card is the biggest selling card in the IBM which provides the credit limit or line to do shopping. Its uses are various and also available in different types such as prepaid credit card or postpaid credit card. Some people pay previously to do shopping according to the credit limit are called prepaid credit cards. Some people pay after crossing the credit limit is called postpaid credit card. Credit card are now also use as a gift, donation, tribute etc. some tribute credit cards are now used to send or donate to your beloved one. Company helps you to send the tribute credit card on desired address of the acceptor. These cards are now become a wonderful birthday gift or used as a holiday package for more fun with your friends or family. 

Tribute Credit Cards

The tribute credit card is also called as tribute told MasterCard which is also referred as unsecured credit card. This credit card is beneficial for those who have bad record of paying the credited amount or bad score. It is used as a way same as normal credit card but difference is that it is charged high rate of interest and rate of purchase.

Review of Tribute credit card

When you purchase a tribute credit card, then according to bank terms & condition, they charged initial fee of $150 which is included on your monthly credit score. It helps you to improve your status about the credit score but it charge more than normal credit card at high interest rate. If you are a new member and want to purchase tribute credit card then you got a limit of shopping is about $300 with monthly charge fee $9.95 which is accumulated and the annual fee of credit card used is about $119.40 at the end of the year. One more benefit of the tribute gold MasterCard is logo of MasterCard which is valid for all countries and also valid for online purchasing. 

By using this type of tribute credit card, you can also win the reward to use this card annually. In gift vouchers mainly you got the tickets of any beach city Like Goa or food coupons to eat free on any restaurant. Tribute credit card is recommended to those who does not carry large amount on their pocket or need to do shopping online. Mainly these cards are used to improve your credit scores in the bank records or statement. People who got this tribute card are feeling so happy and proud to be a friend of issuer of this card.

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Text 11 Sep Guitar Center Credit Card - Our Honest Review

With a Guitar Center Credit Card, one can make advance purchase on goods from this website and remit payments within one year at zero interest margins. To get clearance for this offer, the buyer ought to sign up for an account that supports the particular promotion. Furthermore, it is the site’s recommendation that one buys effects that are part of the offer. These include new merchandise, branded goods and other products available in the seller’s given store.

How Guitar Center Credit Card Works

There are different accounts subject to Guitar Center Credit Card that extend within a timeframe. The current provision, for instance, begins on the 3rd of September 2013 and culminates on 30th of the month. This offer is available to account holders who have purchased goods that they can pay for using this easy means in the next two years.

Guitar Center

The Interest Rate on Guitar Center Credit Card

The other important mention concerning the Guitar Center Credit Card is that interest margins remain zero percent if one remits payments within the specified duration. It is notable that, if the maturity period is 12 months, then the account holder must not default in any of those inclusive months. If this happens, the payment plan switches to the variable appreciation rate (APR) plan where interest is between 21.9 and 22.9 percent. Thus, it is essential to maintain a consistent payment routine! An accessory appealing feature about Guitar Center Credit Card is that it does not have a maximum remission. This means that you can settle more than the $25 base amount, each 30 days, to finish your offer fast and at zero rates. The site states that this special funding on purchases is merely available to consumers who select merchandise that have imprints of the given price that the offer backs. Thus, if intending to buy some accessories, ranging from guitars, keyboards and other music effects, then the Guitar Center Credit Card should be the preferential means to use. Unlike other magnetic card promotions, this one does not appreciate in rates as long as the customer maintains consistency in regular payments.

It is an essential account for those always in need of goods on the spur of the moment, and do not want to undergo out-of-pocket costs. Therefore, choosing the Guitar Center Credit Card is the right choice for it negates the exacerbation of debts that may otherwise multiply in normal-rated credit purchases.After all is said and done you will expect to have the best services for using Guitar center credit card.

Source : http://www.guitarcenter.com/

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